Bumper Repair Tempe AZ

If you are searching Google for “Bumper Repair Tempe” you have more than likely had a run in or minor collision and need quality bumper repair. T&S Body Works provides all types of collision repair to the residents of Tempe and the rest of the valley. We can help you repair, repaint, or even replace your bumper if it is beyond repair. For quick service and prompt repair call us at 480-491-9100.

Types Of Bumper Repair
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While all types of bumper damage are inconvenient there are different approaches to different kinds and severities of damage. Some kinds of damage are repairable without having to replace the bumper, and others there is no choice but to buy and install a new bumper. T&S Body Work’s goal is to provide the most cost effective and affordable repairs for our Tempe customers and will recommend the best course of action in our quotes. We can also help you submit damages to your insurance company and help you get your repairs done and help fit the repair services into your budget.

Repairing Bumpers

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Many times the damage on bumpers can be fixed without having to install a new bumper. Light damage or scratches are possible to repair by our highly trained and exceptional body work technicians. If repair is possible over replacement of your bumper it can save you hundreds of dollars.

Fender bender accidents are all too common and it is easy to become distracted for a split second and end up having some bumper damage. A lot of people also get in a big hurry and end up backing out into retaining walls or light poles or into other vehicles. The dents, gouges, and scratches that are left on the vehicle affect the appearance and the value of your car, truck, or suv. It is important to get these repairs fixed promptly and maintain the value of your vehicle.

Repainting Bumpers

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Once any deep scratches, gouges, or other damage is fixed creating the perfect repair involves repainting the surfaces. To create the perfect look we match factory paints from the manufacturer. Any additional clear coats are applied to seal the area, protect the paint, and to help the repairs disappear in a completely seamless appearance.

Replacing Bumpers

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With higher speed impacts the bumper will have enough damage that it is not possible to simply repair it, this is when replacing your bumper is the only choice. When damage is serious enough that replacement is needed we will find the year, make, and model of bumper that fits your vehicle. The bumper will be painted to match the rest of your vehicle to ensure it fits into the factory new look of your vehicle to maintain the appearance of your car, truck, or suv.


Bumper Repair Tempe Arizona

Front Bumper Repair
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It’s all too easy to get a little too close to the items in the back of your garage or find a light post in a parking lot and damage your bumper. Low speed impacts generally produce nicks, scuffs, dents, gashes, or sometimes cupping in the bumper. To maintain the value of your vehicle it is critical to get the repairs done so when you want to sell your vehicle, or even trade it in that there aren’t deductions to your value.

Rear Bumper Repair
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There are a lot of distracted drivers playing with their phones, eating, and doing whatever else distracts them from preventing rear end collisions in Arizona. It is also common that people misjudge the space while backing up and find light posts, barriers, or even other parked vehicles. Having repairs performed is important for maintaining the appearance and value of your vehicle. The rear bumper is also what most people see as you are driving around and should be fixed promptly.

Schedule Ahwatukee Bumper Repair
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It is simple and easy to schedule your bumper repair in Tempe AZ. T&S Body Works does everything possible to make the bumper repair process very simple and easy by making scheduling easy, conducting efficient inspections, giving you an easy to understand quote for repair, and by helping you submit claims to your insurance company. From the first call to handing you your keys back after repair are focus is customer satisfaction for all of our collision repair services. To get started just give us a call at 480-491-9100.